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"Sanz seems happy to inhabit the shadows, to provide others with the classiest support they could dream of: delicate comping, consummate punctuation, sinuous counter-melody. Sanz has a wealth of good, unfamiliar songs in his armoury. With his strong musical personality, he is a pianist and arranger of real quality. He belongs alongside players of the class and the renown of Al Foster. Making this one dream come true should be just a start: as Albert Sanz becomes better known, he will undoubtedly many more musicians' and audiences' dreams come true..."


Sebastian Scotney, London jazz news


"a beacon on the horizon of Spain’s incredibly gifted young generation of musicians"


Porvoo Jazz festival


"Sanz showed his taste and his ability to lead the pieces through risky and surprising pathways"


Sergio Cabanillas,Tomajazz


"on the basis of Los Guys, he's prodigiously talented. As a composer, he seems to revel in the unexpected. His tunes are not cluttered with chords. Rather, they move in utterly delightful ways, with enough harmonic activity to challenge the improvisers and attractive melodies to pull in the listeners. As an improviser, Sanz studiously avoids cliches. He plays thoughtfully with a bristling use of space, and an evident sense of humor"

All About Jazz Magazine



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